Bloog of Gods

Branding & Visual identity

Box Brand Design has crafted the brand identity and packaging for the American energy drink brand, 'Blood of Gods'.

Inspired by its key ingredient, Sideritis, a plant native to the Greek mountains, the energy drink brand is aptly named 'Blood of Gods'. This name signifies its origin and highlights the manifold benefits it offers in enhancing various bodily functions, catering especially to fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals. The packaging showcases iconic figures from Greek mythology - Zeus, Ares, and Poseidon - symbolizing different product attributes within the range, catering to energy provision and supplementation needs during various workout regimes.

The logo design aims to evoke a vibrant and potent essence, capturing the resilient pursuit of health, fitness and power. Both the logo and packaging design holistically convey the brand's concept and attributes, establishing a tangible connection with the physical and mental vitality the products provide.

Creative Concept, Brand Identity, Packaging Design, Illustration