Code Precision

Branding & Visual identity

At the behest of Code Precision from Israel, Box Brand Design undertook the design of the brand logo and establishment of the fundamental brand identity system.

In the Oxford Dictionary, 'Code' refers to a set of rules and standards that a society, class, or individual adheres to. The brand philosophy of Code Precision signifies elevated production standards, professional ethics, and meticulous attention to detail. Philosophically, the brand's founders envision Code Precision as the precision of the universe - an impeccable harmony between the flawless rules of the cosmos and the perfect innovation of human creation.

The shared essence of nature and technology is an unending order, much like the daily sunrise and sunset reflecting different hues across the sky. The logo design concept metaphorically encapsulates how Code Precision embodies this technically innovative, knowledge-seeking, and detail-focused precise natural order, culminating in the creation of high-quality creative works. The logo employs vertical reflection in lieu of the horizontal natural reflection, enhancing the visual association with the brand's initials 'C' and 'P', while retaining the essence of the brand concept.

Creative Concept, Brand Identity, Brand Communication