The Green Dream
  • Branding & Visual identityChina
  • The concept of ‘The Green Dream’ is building up your own combination of aquatic plants with a glass container. Customers can enjoy and experience the fun of putting pieces together in their own way. While you open the product package, it is like opening a colorful puzzle box. The packaging design has comprehensively considered different needs about the transportation safety of E-commerce. Unlike the regular cardboard or roughly packaging, the air bag design will prevent the damage during shipping due to its unique cushioning effect.

    *A'Design Award 2016, Italy - Golden Award
    *AGDA Design Awards 2016, Australis
    *46th Creativity International Awards, United States - Silver Award
    *Reddot Design Award - Communication Design 2016 (Packaging), Germany
    *Design And Design International Award 2016, Global - Selected Entry

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