Green Catch
  • Branding & Visual identityChina
  • “Green Catch” is the most important and popular sub-brand of HuaQingFeng, a E-commerce brand of aquatic plants. Rebranding is not only because of modernization, and also aim to upgrade “Green Catch” brand image that stand out of thousand similar brand in same industry. From product design to package design through the rebranding process. Also, new product design that help “Green Catch” upgrade to the home decorations level.

    The new packaging design has comprehensively considered different needs about the transportation safety of E-commerce, exquisite design and practical customer experience. Thereby it is able to strengthen communication between consumers and “Green Catch” as well as distinguishing its brand personality in competitive plant e-commerce business.

    *A'Design Award 2016, Italy - Sliver Award
    *46th Creativity International Awards, United States - Silver Award
    *2016 Reddot Design Award - Communication Design 2016 (Packaging), Germany
    *Design And Design International Award 2016, Global - Selected Entry

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