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    Focus on attract youth to have a try of traditional tea, even make them trun to be fascinated. We invite the top four gentlemen act on the package : Mr.Plum flower, Mr. Orchid, Mr.Bamboo and Mr.Chrysanthemum, they are from Chinese millenary figure of analogy, we wear these gentlemen in bright colors, dress them up to a modern and lively feeling. If you have the "gentlemen group", you will not miss the four different tea tastes, and the set package is also a helpful methord to Increase sales.

    *Design And Design International Award 2015, Global - Selected Entry
    *Reddot Design Award - Communication Design 2014 (Packaging), Germany
    *24 Japan Typography Association 2014, Japan - Selected Entry
    *Hiiibrand Awards 2012, China - Merit Award

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